JobAct® Turin 2017

Third Week JobAct® Turin

“Buongiorno a tutti. Oggi è il 21. Marzo 2017. Mancano il 61 giorni dal nostro spetaccolo” cried Banji one of us at the morning of 21th of March, the morning of the third week since our Project has started.

It means: Good morning, today is the 21th of March and there are 61 days left until our stage play. In this way he is recording us every day that there is no time to lose. This is very helpful to start in a concentrate work.

By the way the third week started with ten new participants. Currently we are a group of 36 theater crazy youngsters who are willing to grow and to enjoy the crisis. The new were kindly integrated by the the group which starts on 6 of march. We have made a Speed Dating to get known with each other. We took this very serious and all of us were curious on each other.

We worked furthermore on the topic heroes. When is a hero a hero? What is need to become or to be a hero? Do we need heroes and If we need them why we need them? These are some of the questions we have had to go through. The synthesis on the question 'what is need to be a heroe' were trust, a inner conflict, hope to a better Future, a strong character and ambition. “This interpretation shows how serious and philosophical the youngsters get to heart. Trust, a inner conflict, hope, a strong character and ambition were also needed to become adult and empowered. I am impressed by this answers and for me all of you are yet heroes”, said Merima our Theater teacher to us.

The theater workers introduced also the classical heroes journey and talked with us about famous heroic story's in film, literature, theater and history. We discussed the similarities and differences between an antic heroic story and a modern one. We worked in small groups together finding answers to all these questions. At the end we learned that the story of James Bond and Batman have the same ingredients as the antic Greek Saga of Jason and the Argonauts. This was very surprising and unexpected for us.

The third week started also with JobClub. We were coached by three experienced and patient Educators named Diego Coriasco, Fernando Spalletta and Carlo Ribotto. They teach us in three classes three days a week. We were introduced in the world of work, we get familiar with networking which is an essential principal to get in work, we learn how the world of work is functioning at all.

Diego, Fernando and Carlo are doing that in a very empathetic way and were open to our impulses on this theme. We talked for example about 'what means work for you' and we were asked 'what do you need to get in work'. These questions concerned us in that way, that we started a passionate debate on money and the sense and meaning of money.

We have also been at theater and enjoyed a production of the theater company 'doppeltraum' which created a collage on Karl Valentin. This was funny because our theater teacher Merima is from Germany and now we believe to understand the German humor.

The 28th of March we will visit the theater 'Teatro Astra' in which our stage play will be shown. We are exited and very happy to see the place where we may be become famous.

See you soon. Many greeting from Italy.
Noemi, Elvira, Beatrice and Merima

JobAct® Turin 2017

JobAct® Turin has started with 27 young unemployed people at the 06th of March 2017. We are expecting another 13 participants. At the end we will have 40 on this project.

The boys and girls are between 16 – 29 years old and all of them are strongly motivated and willing to achieve a goal, in this case to perform a stage play at the end of may. Therefore it is not a surprise that we after the first week are able to present a bouquet of results. We have built several Responsibility-Teams in which the Youngsters take responsibility for this project:

We have a Countdown-Calendar. Every morning before we start to work Banji and Emmanuel are announcing the actual date and the days left until our performance. And they are doing that like Minnesinger which is very stimulating for all of us!

Best is remembering us to turn off our mobile-phones before starting the work and he is very serious on this stuff. Alessandro on the other hand takes care of our attendance list which also important and Issam has the responsibility that all of us are punctual after having break.

Furthermore we have a documentation-team. Beatrice, Elvira and Noemi are making videos, photos and are writing articles on our project. Once a week they are going to publish the results of our work. Beatrice is as well the personal assistant of Merima one of the theaterworkers in this project. The other theaterworker are Elena Campanella and Alice De Bacco.

Among the theatrical work the participants have to join a Jobclub and were trained by a committed and professional Team of Jobcoaches. This Project seeks to empower the participants by using a mix of methods from the disciplines pedagogy, social and theater work.

We have also been at an exhibition and we've talked with the artist a painter named Ernesto di Franco who also uses art as education. We've discussed with him why even heroes get sometime in crisis.

By the way: we are enjoining our crisis like our art director Beata Nagy recommended to do. Questioned what they think about when they hear the word “Theater” the participants answered among other beautiful answers: Freedom, Fear, Community, Education and Joy. At the first moment I've been touched by these young wonderful people waiting for somebody giving them a chance to become a bird with strong wings.

Enjoy your crisis as well and see you soon with other impressions of our work.

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